Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Craig and I'm at the Co-op, using their new wifi connection. I've never blogged before and I'm not much of a talker so here it goes.
I live in Deborah Iowa. Its a small college town in northeast Iowa. I'm retired now so I drink a lot of coffee and read many newspapers.
I recently had my internet at home disconnected because it was costing too much. There are several places in town who have wifi so I don't think I'll miss it.
I just lost about 2 paragraphs of blogging. It just vanished. That possibility was pointed out in "Blogging for Dummies". I should be doing my blog in a wordprossesser and then transfer it to Blogger.
I'll do that the next time. I'm just learning now.
One thing I like about the Co-op is that I run into people I know. I just saw Jason T. He teaches classes on internet businesses. That is what got me into blogging. I couldn't think of a business idea so I figured that I could always blog and see if that leads to anything
That's it for now.
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