Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm at the Co-op working on Lula's computer. It's biggest problem was that the battery was totally discharged. I had to reboot it three times to get it to work. It has Windows 98 on it and is really slow. I couldn't get the wifi card to work. I downloaded the software from Linksys's site. I'll try loading it at home. If that doesn't work I'll load Linux and go from there.
My dowsing the lottery failed again. Why do I think that my spiritual guide has any better idea of what the lottery numbers are. I'll keep at it and try a crystal pendulum. Those are supposed to work better.
I went for a walk up Trout Run Trail today. I only walked about a mile but it was very pretty.
I tried to get my digital camera to work. I had to load Windows 98 on one of my desktops to work with the software that came with my camera. It worked but now I have to get the pictures on to the internet. I was able to use a cd writer to make a disk with some pictures on it. I will have to experiment with the blog site to see if it will take my images from my camera.
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