Friday, May 29, 2009

Iowa City

I went to Iowa City this morning. I thought that it would take 3 hours but it only took 2 to drive there. Everything went well until I came home. I got out early and spent the morning at Barnes and Noble leafing through books and drinking coffee.
On the way home, part of my tailpipe fell off. I got to Dan's and he said that it needed a muffler as well as the tailpipe. It's going to set me back hundreds.
I then went to work on Alice's laptop. It's getting worse. I couldn't get the wifi card to work. the sound card doesn't seem to work with Linux either. Tonight I'm going to try loading Windows on it. I'll get it up to Windows XP. If that works, maybe I'll be able to transfer a copy of XP to her so she can use it longer than 30 days. Bill Gates is after world domination. He makes it so that things only work on Windows.
It's possible that the sound card is failing. I don't think it is, because on some of the older Linuxs it worked with the cd player.
I've got to go home and mow the lawn.
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