Saturday, May 30, 2009

Loading 9.04

I'm at Cafe Magpie loading the lastest version of Ubuntu. I lost all of my bookmarks and such. It took a while to get all the needed drivers to work. For a while Ubuntu only saw what was on my hard drive. It refused to search the web site for packages. Only Linux users would know what I mean by that. After running updates, it saw all of the other packages.
I'm pretty happy with 9.04, but the main reason I loaded it was to have the latest and greatest version on my machine. There is something about having the newest.
I gave Alice her machine this morning. It beat me. I loaded Windows 2000 and failed to get the updates. It wouldn't work. I guess Windows gave up supporting 2000 entirely. I got my wifi card to work on her machine but I couldn't get her wifi card to work on mine. Lucent doesn't support their cards on their website.
Anyway, I told Alice to get a USB module from Belkin which I know works with Windows 2000. I hope she gets out to Wal-Mart before they're gone.
After she left I had an idea of where to get a driver. I was thinking about I used to use them a lot when I worked on old laptops. I'll have to see if they are still around.
I should go home and mow the lawn but the neighbors are having a party. I might not get to it until tomorrow.
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