Thursday, May 14, 2009

lost the lottery

Well, to nobody's surprise but mine, I lost the lottery again. I only had one number that was close. I'm disappointed with my spiritual guide. I ordered a new pendulum. I've read that clear crystal is supposed to work better. Maybe it has to do with my technique. Is it possible that dowsing is just another form of delusion? No, perish the thought!
I listed the house with a realitor yesterday. He said that I should be able to get $30000 for the place. I hope he's right. I need the money.
If I get that much I may have to hide the money so that I'm poor enough to live in my rent assisted apartment. I think I can just keep it in a low interest account until I qualify for the apartment, Then I'll put it into a junk bond fund on margin. I should be able to make close to 50% a year.
It rained yesterday so I didn't get the lawn mowed. I should be able to get to it today. It's partly cloudy and somewhat warm.
Knowing that I'm selling the place is encouraging me to clean it up a bit. I've got a long ways to go, but I intend to do a little each day.
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