Saturday, May 16, 2009

lottery numbers

Its Saturday and time to give out my picks for powerball. They are: 11,23,27,36,51. The powerplay number is 11. Like I've said before, none of my picks have won anything yet. With my luck maybe you should simply pick anything but these numbers.
I went to La Crosse this morning. I picked up a book on making lists. It got me to thinking about things I need to get done.
I got kicked out of Bookends and Beans because they close at 4:00 PM on Saturdays. I went to the gas station and entered my lottery numbers. From there I went to to Co-op with its glare problem. It's not too bad today because the Sun is hitting at a good angle.
One of the things I need to get done is to send pictures to my blog. I've been stymied by my old digital camera (Polaroid 320). When it was built they were using Windows 98. My XP machines won't work with it. I tried Linux and 1 version had me select the camera from a list. When I did it still didn't work with it. I'm tempted to load Windows 98 on my slowest desktop and take it from there. I'm using it as a server for my network so it will get involved. I guess that I need a project anyway.
Another project I should get going on is prospecting for gold. It would be a way of bringing in some income without being employed. I'm afraid that it might get expensive. I would need three major expensive items: 1. a four wheel drive vehicle ( preferably an old Toyota Landcruiser) 2. A small pop up trailer 3. A metal detector.
The Landcruiser would be a major project in itself. I would have to get a junked vehicle and rebuild it. I prefer Landcruisers for their stability. They were also built like tanks.
Another thing I was thinking about was to get the bicycle out and go for long trips with it. I watched a group of bikers on the way to La Crosse this morning and I felt a bit jealious. I need to get out there.
I just bumped into Lula. She is from Eithiopea. She's a refugee from somewhere in that area. She works at Opportunity Homes. They help developmental disabled people.
She has a laptop that doesn't work and she is bringing it to me to fix. I suppose that it's a bad battery. They always go bad on laptops. It could be the hard drive. We'll see when she gets it here.
That's it for now
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