Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still in old laptop hell

I'm still trying to get Alice's laptop to work. The newer Linux's work fine with the wifi card but mess up the sound card. I have to find something that works with both. Fortunately the wifi card is so old and common that most of the operating systems will work with it. I've only found a couple of systems that work with the sound, on the other hand. When I do find something that works I have troubles getting it to load. A lot of my CDs are made with re-writable media. There is something about those disks that make them unreliable.
I need to mow the lawn but I don't think I'll get to it since the county Democrats are meeting tonight. I should have enough time to run home and see if I got my latest operating system to load. Then I'll run off to the Democrat meeting. Maybe I'll try to get something mowed since I have to go to Iowa City tomorrow.
I have an appointment to see my shrink. I'm taking my car since the van makes it an all day deal. I'll have to spend half a day as it is.
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