Friday, May 22, 2009

Stood up

Blogger ate my blog again. I really must get into using a wordprosser to write this blog. It turned out that I forgot to plug the computer into the AC. It ran for about an hour before shutting down. That is surprising for such an old laptop.
I went to Dan's to see about my car. He is replacing the light switch. The headlights would come on but not the dashboard light. I couldn't tell how fast I was driving at night.
Lula stood me up yesterday. I waited for her at the co-op most of the day and she didn't show. I got her computer working well. In fact I'm using it now and as long as I keep the battery charged up, it's fine. I might offer her $25 for it I could sell it to Dave for $75. Of course, I've got $32 in the wifi card. She might be happy with it just as it is.
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