Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waiting for Lula

Once again, I'm at the co-op waiting for Lula. I saw her yesterday and gave her her computer. She was with other guys so I couldn't talk that much with her.
She said that she had copy of the driver for her wifi card that would work with Windows 98. I couldn't get it from Linksys's website so seeing is believing. If she has one, maybe we could sell it to Alice. She's looking for something better for her Windows 2000 machine.
Last night I put Mandriva 2008 on both of my desktop machines. Now I can get my camera to work on both of those machines. They also write JPEG files for my photos. That is a common format. I found a converter for serial to USB ports. It will set me back $30, but I'll be able to run my camera from the laptop. I may hold off and just get a better camera. The pictures on this one are very grainy to say the least.
I saw Jim today. He is still having troubles with shakiness. They reduced his meds but it doesn't seem to help. I told him that he should buy the bicycle to get around town on. He pointed out that if he went out of town he would have to have a trailer and a hitch on his car. that would cost more than the bike.
I don't think I'll list my lottery picks today. I'm spending a lot of time at the co-op and I'm not getting around to dowsing. I might go home right now and get it done in time yet today. We'll see.
I went home and dowsed the lottery numbers. They are: 5,15,24,37,52. The powerball number is 5.
Once again I'd like to point out that I've yet to win anything on the lottery. My spiritual guide doesn't always tell the truth.
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