Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be it ever so humble

I loaded a picture of my home and van today. It's pretty humble.
I spent most of the morning getting Windows and Ubuntu to work on my good desktop computer. I need Windows because my camera won't work with Ubuntu. I got them to work but I don't have much room for music. Ubuntu didn't carve out enough hard drive space. I'll probably have to erase some music to get the pictures to work. Maybe I should just start over again and reload Windows and then Ubuntu.
I'm at Bookends and Alice is having trouble getting Adobe Acrobat to work. Her Windows 2000 doesn't have the Service Packs and I couldn't get them. I don't think her machine will ever work with Adobe. I would like to load Linux and go from there. It has a problem with the sound card and Linux.
We checked the cost of adding Windows XP and it would cost close to $100. If I can't get her machine to work with Linux, we may be stuck with XP. I'm sure that it would fix her problems. I'm going to get the new Thinkpad 390 to work with Linux then I'll trade her for her old machine and then I'll try to get Linux to work on it.
The Dow is down again but not as bad as yesterday. I think it's a buying opportunity. Apparently Obama decided against giving the car parts manufacturers any money. That's bad for Delphi, but I'm going to hang in with the bonds.
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