Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Car troubles

I walked into town and back again for a total of 9 miles. I needed the exercise and it was a nice day. I don't know if I'll have the energy to mow the front lawn.
I got paid by Social Security. Now I have to get the car fixed and get my dental work done. They're both going to get done tomorrow morning.
The car is gaining on me. Not only is the exhaust system failing but it's getting hard to start. I'm afraid that it might be the fuel pressure regulator again. Maybe it's related to the exhaust problem. I might be getting back pressure.
I tried to pay the satellite television bill today. The debit card didn't work and I don't have a check with me that has the routing number of the bank. I'll have to get that tomorrow.
The internet at the Co-op didn't work very well, today. I couldn't get on to half of the sites I wanted to go to. They have something called a DNS that restricts where their users can go. I think they are too restrictive. I'm at Java Johns, now, and it seems just fine.
I took a few pictures during my jaunt, this morning. I'll see about loading them. I also need to pick the lottery numbers. If the car starts and I can get home I'll do that.
My lottery picks for the Iowa Powerball tonight are: 3,9,15,28,and 56. The powerball number is 28.
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