Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deer across the street

I included a video I took of a deer that was across the road from where I live, last night. The sun was going down and I used my $20 camera, but at least I got a picture of him. I was about 20 feet away and it's remarkable that he stood still for so long. My neighbor feeds them corn.
I'm at Java Johns and I'm having troubles with the blog, today. Yesterday I clicked on something to translate the blog into Hindi. I didn't realize that, once that was clicked, it would only be in Hindi. I was blogging away and my words came up in another language. I would like to be able to transmit my blog to India in their language but I also need to be able to communicate in English as well. Maybe in the future we'll be able to do this. I would like to have my blog translated to Mandarin in China and Hindi in India. I have the feeling that I have more in common with those people than I do with the majority of people in the US.
On the computer front. I think I'll take the 5 gig. hard drive out of the Gateway and put it into the Thinkpad. I'll load Suse 10.3 and get it running as well as it can. Then I'll give it to Jennell. Local Decorah people will know who I mean. She's been needing a computer for years and she just can't afford one. This should do the job.
I think I'll get a 40 gig hard drive on Ebay for the Gateway. I'll then load a dual boot system. I'll probably go with Windows 2000 and Ubuntu 9.04. I'm still waiting for the AC adapter and memory for the Gateway, but it's on the way.
My tip for the disabled is to go to school while you are waiting for your Social Security to come through. You really have nothing to lose. If you are going to college you can live on student loans and Pell grants. That means you are still elgible for Social Security. If you get a job you can't get Social Security.
A problem might be that they may decide that if you are doing so well at school you aren't really disabled. That could be a problem, but school gets harder the longer you are in it. The stress of school may well cause your symptoms to return. If that causes you to drop out of school, you have a better case for your disability. If you succeed with school you are in a better position to get a better job.
Don't forget to apply for food stamps while in school. Students loans aren't income and Pell grants are usually applied to tuition so you should be eligible.
If you do have to drop out, your student loans may be discharged due to disability.
I missed entirely on the lottery, last night. I don't think I was even close on any of the numbers. I'll keep at it. I need to do something about my spiritual guide misleading me.
On the investment front. Have you looked into ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) rather than mutual funds. The commissions are less, there are fewer fees, you can trade them like stock (minute to minute) and they cover a wide variety of trading options. Look into it, mutual funds are so, yesterday.
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