Monday, June 8, 2009

Didn't post yesterday

I'm sorry that I didn't get around to posting yesterday. By the time that I had time to post, none of the wifi places were up. The co-op was opened but it wouldn't let me on to blogger. I guess I could have sat on the bench outside of the library but it was a bit cold.
Anyway, I didn't win the lottery. I only had 1 right number, but that is an improvement. I'm having doubts about dowsing for the lottery number. It seems that if it worked, everyone would be doing it. I'm going to keep trying but I may not list my numbers on the blog.
I went to La Crosse with Alice yesterday. I bought a book by Steven Covey named "Everyday Greatness". I told Alice that if I keep reading uplifting books, that I'll break out in a rash of good karma, someday. With all the New Age music and uplifting books that I read it's bound to happen.
I sent off for an old laptop today. It set me back $60, but it'll be a project. I could give it to Dave. He needs one.
I had a conversation with Jim and Alice, this morning. Jim doesn't seem as shaky as usual. He got off of one of his meds and maybe that is making a difference.
I told him about Delphi. It's bonds are selling for $.01 and they are getting money from GM. It would be risky but it might be profitable. I've got 10 bonds that I bought for $10.00 each.
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