Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gateway problems

I swapped the hard drive from the Gateway to the Thinkpad. Unfortunately it quit booting from the CD. I don't know why. I couldn't load a smaller operating system and it just isn't right, anyhow.
I then went back to the Gateway. I put a PC133 memory stick into the Gateway. It worked good and I got Mandriva Linux working pretty well. Then I took the Gateway to the co-op where I wanted to download the updates. It needed to upload configuration information to Mandriva. The co-op wouldn't let me upload anything. I gave up and went to Magpies.
There it got flaky. It wouldn't even boot right. Apparently the PC133 memory got hot and started to drop bytes. The lesson is to just wait for the right sticks. I've got eleven of the PC100 sticks coming from Ebay, next week. I just have to be patient and bide my time until they get here.
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