Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gateway problems

I didn't go to Waukon, to see Senator Grassley, this morning. I was running low on money, and I didn't want to spend it all on gas for the trip. Jim called me yesterday, and told me that he couldn't go. Tomorrow Linda Lucy, who is a representative for Senator Harkin, will be in town. I'll try to see her. I want to suggest that they extend the (Cash for Clunkers) program to buying used cars as well as new.
I got a new memory stick, but the Gateway is still acting funny. It has trouble loading at times, and then things bounce around. I'm thinking that it is memory problems, but it might be that Mandriva Linux doesn't work well with the Gateway.
I'm still waiting for the AC adapter from Ebay. It's been over a week since I paid for it. I may have to contact the seller. The new memory stick that I got today is acting like a 64 meg. stick and it should be 128 meg. I'll have to contact that guy as well.
I think I'll wait for the other memory sticks, and see if they make a difference. It will be easier to load a modern linux if I have more memory.
I took some pictures yesterday, but I have to download them to my Windows machine and then to my good laptop. I'm tempted to make my good laptop a dual boot system. That means that I'll be able to choose whether I want to boot to Linux or to Windows. I'll have to lose all of my bookmarks, and the extra programs that is so good to have. I'll have to reload Adobe Acrobat and flashplayer. Also I'll have to find Java Runtime Environment.
On the disability front, Remember to go to Vocational Rehab. if you get into college. They will pay about 1/3 of your tuition. That varies with their funding so don't count on it. That means that if you are going to a junior college, more of your Pell grants can go to your living expenses
Also look into the (Work Study) program. If you are getting student loans, that might not work so well, because what you make there is deducted from the student loans. If you are collecting unemployment and going to school that might be a better fit.
You might think about bonds for investment. I got burned buying individual bonds. I didn't think that GM would go bankrupt, but they did. Also I bought bonds in a company named Rouse. It turned out that they were bought by GGP, a company on the verge of bankruptcy. I also bought bonds on Aventine, and they went bankrupt. I couldn't win.
You can buy funds or ETFs of bonds. A couple of my favorite bond ETFs are TIP and JNK. TIP is an ETF of Treasury Inflation Protected Securities. If inflation goes up so will the yield of this fund. Keep in mind that they are U.S. government securities.
JNK is an ETF of Barclays Bank's high yield corporate bonds. At least it's a collection of bonds so if one company goes bankrupt you won't be devastated.
JNK is yielding 13.16%, today. TIP is yielding 5.13%.
I did well with both TIP and JNK.
I uploaded a picture of the Upper Iowa River from a viewpoint at Phelphs park in Decorah.
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