Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got the pictures to work

As you can tell I figured out how to upload pictures to my blog. I now have a picture of myself for the profile and I uploaded a picture of the Upper Iowa River.
Today I put a picture of Fluffy the cat up. That is about as close as I can get to fluffy, as she is feral. She and Jill allow me to feed them but they don't let me get close. Having them neutered probably didn't help things.
I'm trying to sell my Clear Channel bond so that I can load up on Delphi bonds. I'm convincing myself that they are bound to go up when Delphi comes out of bankruptcy.
I got a new pendulum at the co-op. It's heavier than the old one and I hope more accurate. I'm charging it, today. I'm going to use it for tomorrow's lottery numbers.
Charging includes soaking it in salt water while making an incantation over it. Then you let it dry in the sunlight. Then you make an incantation while passing it thru fire. Then you set it in candlelight overnight. All I have to do is to win the lottery once and it will be worth it.
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