Friday, June 26, 2009

I uploaded a video that I took with my $20 camera, as an experiment. It's a view from the porch of my home. I intend to get some videos of some of the coffee shops I go to soon.
It's another hot day, and I'm hanging out in air-conditioned coffee shops. I'm now at Java Johns. I've already been to Bookends and Beans and the co-op.
There was an explosion in downtown Decorah, last night. Hart's Tea and Tarts blew up. Apparently the daughter of the owner was killed. A friend of mine lost his office, which was above the tea room. I haven't been by there yet, but I'll get some pictures for the blog.
The Thinkpad is working well but I'm running out of hard drive space. There are over 100 updates that need to be uploaded but I have no space. I'm thinking about taking the 5 gig hard drive out of my Gateway and putting it into the Thinkpad. I'm waiting for an ac adapter for the Gateway. It should be here soon. If I have the adapter, I should be able to get the Gateway to work. It would probably be a better machine than the Thinkpad, anyway. We'll see.
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