Wednesday, June 24, 2009

latest lottery picks

My latest lottery picks are: 5,18,28,43,and 53. My powerball pick is 37. The pendulum went in the opposite direction today, so maybe that is a good sign.
I'm sorry that I didn't post anything yesterday. I was busy with my Thinkpad and I forgot.
Yesterday, Alice solved the problem I was having with logging on at Bookends and Beans. She pointed out that the wifi card I was using was so old that it might not work with the password. I didn't see how that could be but I swapped it out, anyway. The problem goes with the card. I learned something.
Now I'm getting the sound card to work with Suse 10.3 and I'll settle on that operating system.
At home, the computer is upgrading to 10.3 from 10. I'm at Bookends, staying out of the heat and talking with Alice.
We're going to a car dealer tomorrow to see if the key they sent me will fit into a car. I'll also see if I can use my GM bonds to exchange for a car.
I would like to get rid of my van for something with better fuel economy.
I'm posting a picture of John at Bookends. He's the barrista at Bookends and Beans.
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