Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost the lottery again

My new pendulum was no better than the old ones. I was only close on one number. Maybe I have to go through the numbers 10 times and then select the numbers that aren't picked by the pendulum as my lottery picks.
I still want to sell my Clear Channel bond but its marked as unrouted. Apparently it has something to do with my turning down an offer a couple of days ago. As long as it keeps going up I'm not worried.
I bid on a couple of laptops on Ebay. The shipping will cost more than the laptops if I get them. I'll be tempted to run them on the memory card that I got last night. 4 gig. only cost $15. I could run a laptop without a hard drive. I'll have to pick up AC adapters however.
I uploaded a picture of the trail near the fish hatchery, that I call "Summer Snow". The white stuff by the trail isn't snow. It's seeds from the cottonwood trees. That white, fluffy stuff is all over town, but it was really thick on the trail.
I have to remember to go to the WRAP meeting today. It's a support group for the mentally ill.
It stands for Wellness, Recovery, Action, Plan. I promised Dave that I would show up then I forgot for at least 2 weeks. They meet on Thursdays.
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