Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lottery picks

Here are my next picks for the lottery: 16,17,41,55,56. The powerball number is 11. Again I disavow these numbers. I'm trying to dowse the lottery but I've had bad results so far. I'm beginning to think that dowsing is just another form of delusion. But I'll keep trying.
I didn't get the second computer last night. Someone came in at the last minute and outbid me. It didn't have an ac adapter or a hard drive so I didn't want to bid too much on it. It was a make and model that I like so maybe I should have gone higher.
I put up a picture of the back door at Bookends and Beans. It's my favorite coffee shop/ bookstore. The front might be more scenic but everyone comes in and out the back door.
Not much is happening in Decorah, today. I blew off working at the Habitat for Humanity site. I got up late and I'm just too lazy, anyway.
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