Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New lottery picks

I've got some new numbers for the lottery. They are: 1,8,12,54,55. The powerball # is 9.
Last Saturday I got 2 numbers right so maybe I'm on the right track. The new pendulum is showing the affirmative answers better than the old pendulum. We'll see.
I'm working on getting Linux on the new, old laptop. It is low in memory so I'll probably have to wait until I can put more memory in it. I upgraded it to Windows 2000. I had troubles with a password when I did that. If I have to, I can get it back to 2000, but then I won't be able to upgrade it. Microsoft no longer supports 2000, so I can't get the service packs. That is what makes it more usable.
I loaded a picture of Trout Run Creek. It is a little north of the fish hatchery.
I'm hanging on to my GM bonds and Delphi bonds. Yesterday I saw an article that said that Obama declined giving the car parts manufacturers $11 billion. On the other hand GM is apparently giving Delphi $112 million. If that shows up in the bonds, it will make a difference. I hope that they come out of bankruptcy. If all of my money wasn't going to fix my teeth, I would invest more in Delphi. I think they could come out of bankruptcy. The federal government doesn't need any more unemployed auto workers right now.
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