Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not as bad as I thought

I had figured that today I would be spending close to $600 on dental bills and car repair. The dentist bill was a bit higher than I thought because I opted for the fluoride treatment. That was probably a mistake since I could just use fluoride toothpaste. I spent far less on the car than I thought I would. Dan only charged me $300 for the muffler and tailpipe.
On the old laptop front, Alice got hers to work by taking the USB wifi module back to Wal-Mart. The first one was bad. She has already had it working at Bookends and Beans where they have a password. She's happy. I'm still a bit upset that I couldn't get the soundcard to work with Linux. I just found out about a program (alsaconf) that might make it work. Of course I would have to get it loaded and run it from a terminal. It would be a pain and Alice would have to learn Linux.
I lost the lottery again. Sometimes I have doubts about spiritual guides and dowsing. But I'll keep after it. I did seem to do well with water dowsing so I think there is something to it. Since my purpose is to put the lottery out of business by encouraging winning, I feel that Karma is on my side.
There is no way out of mowing the lawn today.
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