Thursday, June 18, 2009

Picture of the Co-op

I uploaded a picture of the entrance to the co-op. That is where the screens of laptops are hard to see because of the glare from picture windows. They also have something called a DNS which restricts where you can go on the internet. It makes web surfing there, frustrating. I can't get to Etrade, Ebay, Yahoo mail, AOL mail and to post a blog. I go to the co-op mainly for the food and cheap coffee. If you go after 7:15 in the evening, they'll give you coffee for free rather than pour it out. They close at 8:30 so there is plenty of time.
I was supposed to meet Lula at Bookends and Beans, this morning. I stayed for half an hour, and then I left. I was hoping to help her get her computer working better. It's got Mandriva Linux on it, and it is getting messed up.
I got a Gateway Solo from Ebay yesterday. It didn't have an AC adapter, so I used the one on the Great Quality. The battery doesn't seem to hold a charge. That is important because it uses the main battery for the CMOS information. If you ask me, that is a design failure.
I got the thinkpad 390 to work with an old Ubuntu Linux. It doesn't see the sound card so I may switch to Windows. I'll have to see if I can work around the sound card.
I checked on how some of my old bonds, which I sold, are doing. I'm convinced that I sell too early. Rouse would have tripled over what I sold them for. Aventine would have retained it's value. GMAC would have gone up as well. I think I'm on to something, by buying the out-of-favor bonds.
The dowsing for lottery numbers didn't work. I was close with 2 numbers, but that only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades. I'll keep at it.
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