Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still picking lottery numbers

Even though I'm having doubts about dowsing for Lottery numbers, here are my picks: 15,24,41,46,52. The powerball number is 8.
I'm thinking that dowsing may be another form of delusion. I always get 5 numbers and only 5 numbers when I dowse. But they never seem to win. This may be the form of mistake whereby a person sees patterns where there aren't any. Wishing and the thought that you deserve to win may also be part of the delusion. It may also be that the lottery is rigged in such a way that the fewest possible number of people might win. With computers, that wouldn't be too hard to set up. I may quit listing or even dowsing for the lottery.
It seems to me that if you can't dowse with a pendulum for the lottery numbers, what good is dowsing. It seems to me to be the proof in the pudding.
Its warm today in Decorah. I think it's in the mid eighties. I've been hanging out in air-conditioned coffee shops. I spent most of the day at Bookends and Beans. I took a few pictures that I'll post next week.
I posted another picture from the trail near the fish hatchery. I was trying to frame a scene with the trees but it didn't really turn out as well as I thought it would.
I got the memory sticks that I was waiting for. But I'm still disappointed. I loaded a live form of Ubuntu. A live version means that it runs from the cd rather than the hard drive. Linux still doesn't get the sound card on a Thinkpad 390 right. There was no sound. I'll have to either load Windows, which doesn't support anything before XP, or find a form of Linux which sees the sound card. To be legal with Windows might mean spending 80 or 90 dollars. I do have a copy of the XP upgrade that is not on any other computer. Maybe they'll let me put it on this one. I would rather run Linux because there are no legal hassles and nobody attacks it with viruses. It is just a better operating system.
I'll work it out. After all, I'm doing it as a hobby and I have time to work on it.
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