Monday, June 15, 2009

Talked with Jim this morning

I met with Jim this morning. We settled the Mid-East problem and health care. That's what old men do. All kidding aside, we spent about 1 hour talking while I bid on more Delphi bonds. I ended up buying another 13 bonds at $10 each. If you are a bond trader I spent $1 each but when you multiply it by 10 you get what I actually paid. That probably only makes sense to a bond trader. I now have 38 Delphi bonds and 16 GM bonds. If they come out of bankruptcy I could make as much as $54,000. It could happen, but my luck doesn't seem to work that well. I think I'm drawn to investments that have a high potential rate of return. Unfortunately, they tend to not work out. Only time will tell.
I got the Thinkpad 390 today. The battery worked better than I thought it would. I'm letting it charge at home and I think it will take a full charge. I had to buy more memory for it. I'm getting 2 128 meg sticks. I'll probably load Ubuntu. It has Windows 98 and its working so I may leave it. I'll have to find a wifi card for it. Maybe I can get Alice's old card. The big question is: Will it work with the sound card. If I get the wifi card to work with Windows that may be good enough for Dave.
I made an appointment with the dentist for next Tuesday. It'll probably cost $150 but we'll see.
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