Friday, June 19, 2009

Waiting for memory

I uploaded another picture of the Upper Iowa River today.
Not much is happening here. I'm waiting for a couple of memory modules for the Thinkpad. I only have 32 meg. that I think is working and that's not enough for a modern Linux operating system. When I boot up, it hangs up. I think more memory is the answer. I waited until 2:30 for the mail and I still haven't seen any. Maybe I just didn't get any mail today and I didn't see the mailman.
It's hot and muggy so I'm hanging out at Bookends and Beans to beat the heat. I had to disconnect my air conditioning because animals had torn apart the ductwork under the trailer. It cost too much to run anyway.
I keep reading more about the wheeling and dealing that GM and the parts suppliers are doing in Washington. Apparently they already have $5 billion that is allocated to the parts suppliers. The debate is over how much they have to pay to use it. It's now set at 3% and the manufacturers want it to be 1%.
GM is trying to get more money to see them through bankruptcy. They have approval of a $33 billion loan. Apparently they already have approval for $15 billion. They are trying for all of it.
I hope that GM and Delphi use some of that money to buy it's own bonds. They are a bargain now. Any money flowing into that market could really drive my bond values up.
I'm thinking about using my $20 camera to take video. It has that capability. I'm afraid that I'll have to be connected to a computer to do that. If I can do it from my laptop I'll get some video of the inside of Bookends and Beans.
It's too hot to go outside, today. I think I'll drink coffee and read (Everyday Greatness) by Steven Covey. It's a compilation of stories from Readers Digest. At least it's uplifting
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