Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work the System

I was at Barnes and Noble, this morning, and found a book named (Work the System). I came home and ordered it at Bookends and Beans for two reasons. One: I like to support local businesses. Two: It won't get here until after I've been paid for July.
I leafed through it a bit and it seemed like something an employed person might get more from than me. I figured that there might be enough to justify paying for it, though.
While on that topic, I bumped into Dave W. You might remember that he has been unemployed for a few months. He's applying for school and disability from the VA. He's busy filling out forms and finding out what he might be eligible for.
He's hoping to get paid unemployment while he is taking classes at a Junior College. He's also looking into what the VA might do for him. He was discharged back in the 70's with an honorable discharge, but it might have been a section 8. He's sending forms back and forth. I figure that at least he should be able to get some medical care from the VA. At best he could be getting a pension, like I did.
I had 1 number right, on the lottery. That's better than usual, but it still doesn't pay anything.
The Thinkpad is working pretty well, but I couldn't use it for blogging. There was a hangup with the password. I noticed that this computer didn't even require a password to get to my blog. I wonder if this computer somehow conflicted with the other one.
I included a picture of the inside of Bookends and Beans. It's kind of plush and comfortable, here.
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