Saturday, June 27, 2009

You have to fight for your disability

Not much is happening in Decorah. It's cloudy and not too hot. It's a nice day but it looks like some rain will be here in the next hour or so.
I bought some memory sticks on Ebay. They were cheap and I'll use them on laptops that I refurbish. I'm thinking about getting a larger hard drive for the Thinkpad. It may not be worth it. It is rather slow, anyway. I think I'll just download a form of Linux that will work on an old laptop. There used to be something called (Damn Small Linux). That ought to do the trick. Of course, the problem will be getting both the wifi card and sound card to work at the same time. I'll have to research it.
I'm thinking about having a section devoted to talking about disability, as that is something I'm familiar with.
Today, the topic is applying for Social Security.
They make you wait for six months after you've lost your job to apply. Apparently, you aren't disabled until six months after you've lost your job. You should probably go to their office and fill out forms anyway, since SSI (state supplemental insurance) may cover that six months. They usually won't give you SSI until you are eligible for Social Security (Catch 22). That could take years, but it doesn't hurt to fill out the forms, since the payments will go back to when the forms are filled out.
I don't know if I showed this picture before, but it's a scene on Trout Run Creek, near the fish hatchery.
My lottery picks are: 3,20,42,44,46. The powerball pick is 13. Again I would like to point out that I've never won even $3 on the lottery, but I keep dowsing for the numbers.
I downloaded (Damn Small Linux). It loaded live on the Thinkpad. The problem is that I couldn't check the sound system. It didn't seem to have any applications that I could run. I think I could get the wifi card working but I'm not sure of how I would know. I missed the graphical User Interface. I just couldn't figure out how to get things to work. Maybe I need the manual.
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