Friday, July 3, 2009

Got the Hard drive

I got the 40 gig. hard drive in the mail, today. I'm busy putting Suse Linux 11.1 on the thinkpad.
I couldn't get the sound card to work with Mint Linux. I've found that if I can run Alsaconf from the command line, I can get the sound card to work. I did that with Suse Linux. I'll see if I can get Rythembox from the packages. I prefer that, for the sound programs.
I'm busy loading Suse at home while I'm doing my blog at Bookends.
On the disability front. If you are a veteran don't be afraid to ask for help from the local Veterans Affairs person, usually at the county courthouse.
I've gotten help with making my mortgage payments, car repairs, gasoline, and emergency dental work from the local Veterans office. They have a slush fund that they keep quiet about unless you really need help. Of course, once you get your pension going, you won't have to go begging. The period of time that you are waiting for the pension to start is difficult, however.
Other things you might do while waiting for the pension is to collect beer cans from the roads, sell things that you can do without, find under-the-table jobs. Maybe you could mow the neighbor's yard, or do painting. Shoveling snow in the winter-time might bring in some income.
Another place to look for help is the county. A friend of mine had his rent taken care of by the county for 6 months, one time. The Community Action office will also help with dental bills. They get donations from people for that sort of thing. And as I already mentioned, the local Community Action runs a food bank.
The stock market is closed, today. Maybe yesterdays sell off had something to do with the long weekend. I don't know. Of course, the jobs numbers were bad, but weren't people expecting that?
I think you should stick to bonds for the near and long future. We might have another 1937 market in the works. The stocks fell something like 90% that year. It caught people by surprise because the stocks were already beaten up. Even Jim Cramer said that you should be cautious right now.
I uploaded a picture of Dug Road Trail.
Let me know if I should keep or drop the lottery picks. Leave a comment.
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