Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New reader

I've got a new reader. Her name is Josie. She works at the co-op. That's her picture, albeit fuzzy. I must have moved when I took it. Maybe I'll get a clearer one, later.
I now have 3 laptops ready to give away. An ac adapter came in the mail, and I had the battery fixed for one of the others. I'm waiting for a cd player and another ac adapter and I'll have 2 more, ready to go. I just have to track down the people that I'm giving them to.
I'm quite happy with Suse Linux. It has everything to get these old laptops working. The only problems that I'm having is with the sound. I need faster processors to run the audio and video programs at all well. That's why I'm switching to buying faster machines on Ebay. I think I'll concentrate on Thinkpad A31's and later. I should still be able to get them fairly cheaply and yet, they will do the sound and video. At least, I hope they do. We'll see.
I'm at the co-op, using one of the old Thinkpad 390's. I was hoping to run into Jennell. I'm going to give her this one so she doesn't have to fight the desktops at the library. They are too slow. One of the problems is that they have about 20 or 30 networked together. Another problem is their restrictions on use. They have to be so carefull about pornography that they cripple all of their machines. Jennell also said that she is concerned about viruses on the keyboards.
The market didn't make much of a move today. It went up 25 points, on the Dow Jones Industrials. I'm kind of glad that we aren't getting the massive moves that we used to get. Maybe things are getting better. I'm sticking to bonds for the next 5 years or so. When Geitner says that we are coming out of the recession I don't believe him. I just see what is happening as a result of sending our money to Saudi Arabia and China, and sending our jobs to China as well. I doubt that anything will get better. The rich will just line their pockets at the expense of the poor, like they've always have done.
I am happy that the markets seem to have settled down, however.
I'm just not inspired to write much more, today. Maybe I'll continue when I come back to town for the free coffee at the co-op, after 7:00.
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