Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Patty Judge at the Fair Today

I'm going back to the fair,today. Patty Judge, the Lieutenant Governor of Iowa will be at the fair.
I messed up one of my Gateway computers, yesterday. I knew that the bad one had a bad battery. So I removed the battery from the good one to put into the bad one. In the process I messed up the plug of the good battery. I couldn't get the battery into the bad one. Now I have two bad laptops. I tried running the good one, with no battery to see if it would have the same symptoms as the bad one. It didn't, so I still have one that is not fixable. I'll use it for parts. I think it's a bad processor, but it could be one of the memory chips that is soldered in.
I uploaded a picture of Caroline. She works at Bookends and Beans. She is usually here in the afternoon.
I decided against posting or even picking lottery numbers. For me, that is a dead horse. I was hoping that dowsing was the solution to the lottery problem. It wasn't meant to be. School funding is safe, for now. I was just spending, around $18/month. It was a complete waste. I might try continuing to dowse, but I won't buy tickets or post my numbers.
I'm reading a book named (Work the System). It is geared up more for people who are working. I think he has some good point though. People's lives can be broken down into a variety of systems which can be tweaked. I think the author would approve of my cutting out trying to bring down the
lottery by winning consistently. It might be that dowsing is just another form of delusion.
I think this book will get me thinking about how I spend my time and money, and it will help me to optimize both.
Well, I think I'll have a lemon bar and get over to the fair.
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