Monday, July 6, 2009

Saw Jim this morning

I visited with Jim, this morning. He's having troubles with radon gas at his home. Apparently he uses his basement a lot. He has a tv room and a family room there. So he checked the radon gas levels. Surprise, surprise. They found high levels. Now he has to spend hundreds of dollars to vent the gas outside. It makes me glad that I live in a mobile home. I don't have to mess with that.
I got a new, old laptop today. It's a Gateway Solo 9300. I have one that is unstable. The problem went with the base. Maybe it's the CPU. I swapped out hard drives. Now I have Mandriva Linux working, quite nicely, on the new base.
I'm having troubles getting the wifi cards to work with Mandriva Linux. It uses ndiswrapper. That is a program that enables a person to use Windows wifi drivers on their Linux machines. The problem is that I'm at Bookends and Beans and I left my drivers at home. I'll just go home after I'm done blogging and load the driver.
I can go to Magpie's tonight and load the updates for Mandriva.
I bought another 19 Delphi bonds, today. My goal is to get to 100 bonds. That way, I might get close to $100,000 when they come out of bankruptcy. Of course, its a gamble. But I think its a good one.
On the disability front. You might as well apply for disability. I know that we and the people around us may have the impression that we are normal. But that may be denial, in action. If you hear voices and nobody is there. Or if you are a presidential adviser, but you never get paid. You are experiencing things that others don't. Don't fool yourself. You have problems that others don't. You probably have a diagnosis. Now is the time to fill out the forms and get your pension. Social Security will refuse you for a number of years. But when you get to a hearing things will fall into place. They will owe you back payment for all of those years that they denied your pension. It will add up to thousands of dollars. The important thing is to fill out the forms and get the ball rolling now.
I uploaded a picture of bicyclers on Dug Road Trail.
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