Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I uploaded a picture of the Upper Iowa River.
Big things are happening here. I got my home internet hooked up. It's a cable connection. It works really well.
I found that my Linux on my desktop didn't have enough hard drive space for the updates. It's sharing the drive with Windows. Windows had too much room, so I loaded Mint Linux, and mapped out plenty of space for it.
I really like Mint Linux. It just looks better and seems to run good.
Dave at WRAP had troubles with his laptop. It turned out that the ports for the USB and PCMCIA weren't working. I swapped with a good Gateway. I then reloaded SUSE Linux and it's happy. I'll have to watch that hard drive and see if the problem comes back.
I got my Gateways that I've been waiting for, today. I got all three working with the parts off of the bad Gateway. One had a bad CPU and monitor. The others were only missing things and had bad CMOS batteries. One of the CMOS batteries seems to work. The others are bad. I'll see about getting those from Radio Shack.
I loaded Mint Linux on one of the new Gateways. It seems to be working well. The other two are missing hard drives.
On the disability front. Now that you are getting your Social Security, have you given any thought towards leaving the country?
I've given it some thought. It would be a way to hold down expenses. You can collect your Social Security checks anywhere, so why not go somewhere that the cost of living is low and you have nice weather?
A good book on the topic is (Getting Out) Your guide to leaving America, by Mark Ehrman.
I was thinking about Belize, because they speak English and I have a problem with Spanish. Panama and Costa Rica look attractive. I like their health care. Basically it's socialized medicine.
I may not get around to it if I find an inexpensive, rent-assisted apartment. It depends on how much I can shave off of my expenses, here. The weather, here, bothers me, however. I'll keep looking into it.
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