Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm at Java Johns, today. This is the only place that the internet is working well. I had pass word problems at Bookends and Beans. The co-op didn't work very well. I couldn't even get hooked up to Linksys, there. I didn't try Magpies. So I don't know if its working there.
Anyway, I took out my good computer and tried it at Java John's. Its working just fine.
Now I have to wonder if I have problems with my computers, or is it the wifi at the various places that I try to go online. I don't know. I do know that Alice was having troubles at Bookends. I think she was having problems with the password, just like I had. She runs a Windows machine so I'm not sure that it was failing in the same way as my Linux machine.
I decided to get cable internet for my home. I added up the costs that I am incurring by going to town every time I try something new with the internet. I could also save many trips by downloading my Emails at home. I also check the news and my Etrade account. I could reduce my trips to town by at least 50%. I could also buy my bananas at Quick Trip and save about 50% on those. I'll miss the socializing, however. I'll probably just cut out the trips that have to do with the internet. That will save me over the $50/month that the internet will cost.
I bought another 14 Delphi bonds. They are going down in value. I got these for only $7.20 per bond. Maybe somebody knows something that I don't. But I feel that, when they come out of bankruptcy, they will be worth a lot.
I missed Jim at Bookends and Beans, this morning. He probably called me to cancel today's meeting. I wasn't at home to take his call. I've been in town, trying to get my computers to work with the internet.
It's almost 7 now and I'm at the co-op, linked to linksys. I don't know why some of my computers don't work at some times of the day. I don't have any idea about why that is. This morning most of my machines didn't work. Now they do.
About disability. Some people will disparage you for applying for disability. Much of the time it is on religious grounds. After all, can't you just turn your problems over to Jesus? Weren't you created in the image of god? How could you possibly be disabled? Others will look at you and think that you are just as able as they are so why could you get disability?
All I can say is that your disability is between you and your doctor. You have to decide whether you are disabled enough for disability. Then you have to fight for it.
My disability mentor, a guy named Benike, always said that you have to fight for your disability. The Social Security people make it as hard as they can for you to get on disability. Most of the lawyers will turn you away. All that I can say is that if something is worth having, it's worth fighting for.
Don't get discouraged when Social Security rejects your appeals. They always do.
Lawyers will tell you that your aren't disabled enough for Social Security. Keep looking until you find one who'll fight for you.
Keep your chin up and hang in there. It's worth it.
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