Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm at the co-op, today. For some reason I like to do my blog at coffee shops rather than at home.
It's been an eventful day. I got up early to go to church, with Alice. After church, we went to Barnes and Noble. I leafed through a book on moving to Costa Rica. Alice had magazines on knitting.
When we left, the car wouldn't start. I contacted the security guy for a boost of the battery. He told me that my battery was good. So we called a tow truck.
While waiting for the tow truck I found someone who lives in Decorah to give us a ride home. Fortunately, the tow truck driver was able to get me running by charging the battery. He felt that I have a corroded battery cable. When I got home I cleaned the cable but I doubt that it is the only trouble. I may have a bad battery or maybe the cable should be replaced. Tuesday I'll take it to a repair shop and see what they say. It will be good to live somewhere that I don't need a car.
On the computer front. My last good Gateway 9300 died. It refuses to see even an new hard drive. I'm giving up on it. I gave away 2 9300's Saturday. I ran into Todd and he said that he knew someone who needed one. While I was talking with him, a woman asked me if she could have one. So I went from not knowing what to do with them, to having a shortage. I think there are plenty of people who need a good laptop. And they'll settle for an old and slow one.
Cade, a barista at Java John's told me that Luther has classes in investments. Maybe I'll be able to audit one. I do think that my interests are in investments rather than real estate. I consider real estate more of a consumer thing, than anything else.
I'm a bit fearful of being taken off of the Social Security roles if I get a job. One of the books I was leafing through, today, gave me the feeling that I'm lucky to be getting Social Security, at all. Apparently, if you can work at all they tend to not consider you disabled.
I'll have to see if my VA pension will pick up again if I get dropped from Social Security.
Social Security does some sort of a reconsideration every 3 years so that could happen to me.
Of course, the best solution to this problem is to work at something that pays much more than I could make on Social Security. At least a person can collect Social Security while trying a job. I'll look into it.
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