Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm at Java John's today. I'm waiting for my Social Security check. I thought that it would have been here yesterday. That's one of the troubles with Social Security. You never know when the check will arrive. It'll probably be here in tomorrow's mail. I would rather have it wired to the bank, but I'm afraid that a creditor could get it, there.
I got to thinking about getting a job. I've been researching what would happen to my Social Security, if I do.
It looks like I could make as much as I feel like for the first 9 months. Then I would be limited to $980/month from then on.
Most of the books I've read on increasing your income say that you should work on a commission, if you don't have your own business.
I was thinking about what I could sell. I don't know much about real estate, although I would totally discount it. I don't know much about cars, but I'll have to ask around. Insurance seems like a scam, to me. I wouldn't feel good about selling it. Investments seems to be where my interests lie.
I know that I would have to have a license. And that means some schooling. When I get some gas, I'll run down to NICC and see what classes they have.
It might be the right time to get into real estate or investments, since they are doing so badly.
Maybe I can get Vocational Rehab to help me with finances.
Another thing I might do is to try to get into a Human Services job. After all, I do have a Junior College degree in the field.
I, pretty much, decided to quit working on old laptops. I'm having troubles keeping the costs down, and I don't have any one to give them to. I could also use the money that I'm spending on those to pay off credit cards.
If I had a job, I could make quick work of getting out of debt.
I think the solution is to work while collecting disability. Of course, I'm a bit afraid that the Social Security people will decide that I'm not disabled.
Maybe I'll get back to the idea of metal detecting for gold. I was thinking about that for a while. This winter, I could go to Arizona. We'll see.
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