Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm at Java John's today.
Not much has been going right, lately. I had to replace the battery for the car. That set me back $78.
Then I sold my GM bonds to pay off one of my creditors. It turned out that I didn't have as much as I thought. Some of the bonds must have been bought on margin.
I decided to double my money by buying options on Newmont Mining. Gold started going down, as did my options. I now have to forget about paying off the credit card company.
I'm going to hold the options for a week since I think gold will go up again. I think someone could make a ton of money by doing the opposite of what I do with investments.
On the computer front: The new power supply didn't fix the problem with the desktop that Dave gave me. I took the memory out and installed it in the good desktop. I now have 1.5 gig. of memory in that machine.
I loaded Linux, (Ubuntu 9.04) on the other machine that Dave gave me. I'll probably give it away at the garage sale for the Democrats. I may give away the other, old, and slow machine as well.
I have to get with Gary to haul my extra stuff to the garage sale. I talked with him yesterday. It sounded like he'll be busy. I may have to contact Jim Dale or John Franzen to see about hauling my stuff to the garage sale. That's tomorrow's project.
I was happy to see that a cat I thought had been run over was alive and well, this morning. A three legged cat, I call Tripod, was at Bookends and Beans, this morning. I saw another black and white cat's body on Montgomery about a month ago. I thought that Tripod had bitten the dust. He was lounging by the back door at Bookends, this morning. He was too feral to come to me, but it was good to see him.
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