Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sorry, no picture

I lost my memory stick, the other day. I loaded another form of Linux on this machine so I don't have any pictures to load, today.
Well, I lost most of the money that I put into the Newmont options. I waited too long to sell and I shouldn't have been in that in the first place.
I went to the VA last Monday. I talked with the shrink about going to a program for gamblers at a hospital in Brecksville, Ohio. He couldn't find anything about it, but he did know about a group being started at the VA hospital in Iowa, City. It turned out that I can get paid, mileage, to attend a weekly meeting. The VA pays $.41/mile. That comes to around $120 a week. It would be a welcome increase in my income.
The only problem is that my car may cost me more in repairs than I can hope to make in mileage.
Well, today was the day that Delphi is supposed to come out of bankruptcy. There has been no mention of it on the news. I was watching CNBC for several hours, today. It seems like a non-event.
The next important day for Delphi is the 15th of this month. I have 127 bonds that come due that day. If they pay their coupon I will make more than $5000, that day.
The next big day is November the 15th. I have over 400 bonds that come due then. It's also the first time that they can "call" those bonds. That means they could pay back $1000 for each bond that I hold. Good things could happen.
I'm not sure that they will because their prices haven't gone up yet. Normally the indication that good things are going to happen is that the price goes up. That hasn't happened yet, so nobody else thinks these good things are going to happen.
I've got 2 new, old laptops. They both have intermittant problem. One has a bad monitor or cable to the monitor. The other has a problem of turning itself off when booting. I think its a weak AC adapter.
I bought an AC adapter on Ebay and I'm looking for a video cable for the other one.
I gave Nate my good 9100. He has a friend who needs a laptop until he gets a new desktop. Apparently he is a student at Luther. This will get him by for a while.
Janelle will have to wait until I get a good 9500 working. She will be better off with a nicer computer, anyway.
I talked with Jason, yesterday. He looked at my blog and bookmarked it. I hope that he gets back to me with suggestions for improving it. We'll see.
I'm running out of excuses. I'll have to go home and mow the damned lawn.
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