Friday, October 9, 2009

Bought gold options

Well, I'm back to gambling. I bought an option on a gold ETF. It's letters are GLD. It tracks the price of gold. Gold went up for three days straight but the minute I bought the option, it went down. I'm still doing alright, however. It didn't move very much, yet. It has 2 1/2 months to make it's move so I'm not worried yet.
I also had offers on the house. It's at $18,000, now. I countered with $22,000. I hope it moves. I'll have to find a place to stay until a vacancy opens up in the apartment on Washington Street. I might just get an apartment, downtown. I don't like being very far from the action.
Darla is going to give me back the laptop I gave her. She isn't getting any use out of it and I might be able to find someone who really needs it. I might give it to Janelle. She might not need it but we'll see.
I paid for 3 more Gateway 9500's. Two are parts machines and one is already working with Windows on it. With the parts that I have at home I should be able to get 3 good machines out of these. I'm afraid, though, that they all might have troubles with the monitor cables. It looks like they were a design failure. If that is the case, they all might have troubles with that cable. Only time will tell.
I had my furnace worked on, yesterday. It turned out that it was just a loose wire. Today the gas people changed out the meter and messed up the pilot light. I'll have to try to get it lit when I go home. I think the problem is just air in the gas line.
I just sold my house. I got $20,000. The buyer will let me stay at the house until I get an apartment, uptown. I just hope that I don't loose it all trading options or bonds. I need to find something safe, to keep it in.
Well, later.
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