Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Made the move

Well, I made the move from Decorah to Calmar. I have everything in boxes so I haven't been able to find my camera cable, yet. Sorry about that.
I didn't sell the house yet. There is a problem about the size of my lot. A recent law change makes my lot too small to build on. That would mess me up to sell to anyone except for one of my neighbours. He wants to build a garage. I think a person could simply replace the old mobile home with a new one as well.
I was in such a panic during the move. I thought that I had to be out by yesterday. I was counting on Gary to help me move stuff with his pick up. I couldn't find him.
Nick helped me get the seats out by using a jack. That and Jim's two wheel cart made all of the difference. I had almost everything hauled by the van before I got a hold of Gary. We only loaded the sofa into his pick up. The move went well.
Now I have to worry about getting the money together for the security deposit and the rent. I'll also have to pay the satellite television company, as well. It'll work out. I have a little extra income from traveling to Iowa City for my counseling with the psychologist. I may have to borrow some money for the move.
I have no hope of getting the house sold until December.
I have to get into the habit of staying at Calmar for my computing needs. I checked out the school for Internet access and they are just fine. I can compute, there, between 7 A.M. and 8 P.M. I've got to stop coming to Decorah so much. It costs too much. But I'll miss all of my friends at Java Johns and Bookends and Beans.
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