Friday, October 30, 2009

Setting up Google Analytics

I'm trying to load Google's Analytics to my blog. I wasn't getting any hits on Site Meter so I was wondering if Google will find my readers. I know that some people are going to my blog because they tell me so. They aren't showing up on Site Meter, however. According to Site Meter, I've never had a reader at all.
I loaded a picture of some of the flowers that the "Flower lady" leaves at the Co-op. These will probably be the last for the season.
Blogger, once again, lost my writings. I have to use a word proccessor and transfer it to Blogger. I keep using the word proccesser that comes with Blogger and it loses what I'm working on.
Before the interuption, I was talking about getting a computer back from Darla. She gave me back her Gateway 9300. I'll check it out and sell it to someone. I'm too strapped financially, from the move, to just give them away. I now have 4 computers that I hope to get $50 each for.
The sale of my house fell through. A law had been passed making my place too small to build on. I'm hoping to get a variance in December.
But for now I'm strapped, financially. I'm moved into the apartment, so I have an extra $410 expense each month. I'm going to stick with the apartment in spite of the expense.
Well I've got to make a couple of phone calls and the minutes are out in my phone.
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