Monday, April 5, 2010

Leaving off an old laptop

I left an old laptop with Joan N. at the Community Action office this morning.  She gives them to deserving poor people who need a laptop.  It was one that I got from Lula. It was a Gateway 1400. It was about 10 years old and rather slow.  I got it to work with Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.  It took an online upgrade from version 7.04 to get it to work.  I was happy to get the Adobe Flashplayer to work with it.  It only had 5 or 6 Gigabytes of hard disk space to begin with.  I used 4 for the operating system. It should be good enough for someone who can't afford a new computer.
Tomorrow, school starts again.  I'll have a test in Data Processing.  It's on databases and spreadsheets.  I'm a little concerned because applications are my Achilles's heel. I just don't know enough about them. I'll have to study tonight.
Oil did well today.  I made almost $100 on my options. Unfortunately, the TIPs went down.  I gave up almost $300 on them.  Who knew that bonds move so damned much.  Especially in the wrong direction.  I may have to sell some of them for an expected margin call.  I hope that I don't get one.
Jim called tonight. He's going to sign up for Jason T.'s class on Internet businesses.  It will be in the middle of April. Jim needs to learn about selling on E-bay.  He has a lot of figurines that he wants to sell. I think I'll take to class as well.  It might lead to something.  Maybe I'll help Jim sell his figurines. I have a lot of spare computer parts to sell, as well.
I'm posting another picture from last January. I couldn't get my Lake Meyer pictures to run under Windows.  I'll have to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
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