Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Made back some of yesterday's losses

TIPs went up today so I made back over $100 of the $300 that I lost yesterday. I did well with oil as well.  It looks like oil will be going up at least until summer. I'm thinking of putting my money in a Russian ETF. The trouble with that is that oil could go down. Then I would be betting on oil and Russia which is dependent on oil.
I'm going to include a link to the Eagle Cam at Luther College. It's a camera watching a pair of eagles and their offspring. The last that I heard, one of their eggs hatched. There are 2 more eggs in the nest. I went to that site earlier today. It wasn't very clear. I think some of the rain got on the lens. It was unclear. Here is the link.
I passed the test on data bases today. I didn't do as well as other classmate did but at least I got a B.
I'm posting a picture from Lake Meyer today. It turned out that one of my flash drives isn't working very well with my desktop Linux machine. I used another flash drive and it's fine. EagleCAm
I don't know why my text went blue for a couple of paragraphs. I was trying to change the background colors but apparently I changed the text instead. O well.
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