Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Made some money at Etrade

I've been doing well at Etrade lately.  Both my oil options and the Treasury bonds are going up.
The bad news is that I got a bill from a credit card company that I didn't know that I owed.  I'll have to pay them $1200.  I think I'll sell some of my bonds to pay that off.
I got another laptop working.  It's a Gateway 9300.  I was going to trade it for Dave W.'s Thinkpad.  It'll be a bit faster than his.  The trouble is that I'm having trouble with the Wi-Fi module.  If I can get something working with his Wi-Fi I'll trade him.
If I can get his Thinkpad working well I'll donate it to Community Action.
I'm going to add a picture from last winter during the hoarfrost.  I couldn't find my pictures from Lake Meyer.
The third Eagle hatched at the fish hatchery lately.  I'll make a link to their webcam.Eaglecam
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