Friday, April 2, 2010

Testing another word processor

I'm using the word processor that comes with Linux “Open Office” to write the blog, today. I always had trouble with the word processor in Blogger. I hope it works. I was able to transfer something I wrote in this word processor to an e-mail last month so it should work.
I didn't go for a walk today. It was too cloudy and it rained heavily for a while. I'm just hanging out at Java Johns and the Co-op. I'm at the Co-op now, waiting for Jim. We meet here on Fridays and have a cup of coffee together. It's good to socialize a bit.
I bought a camera from Dave W. about a month ago. It has a zoom lens and a flash. I bought a bigger memory card for it. That set me back over $30. Another problem is that it uses double a flashlight batteries. I've already found that the batteries don't last very long. It should be an improvement over the $20 Sakar that I was using. It works with Linux so I can load pictures on any of my computers, not just the Windows one.
I don't know if I mentioned that I have a couple of options on an ETF with the initials XLE. It's an ETF that invest in the energy sector. I expect oil to go through the roof before summer. The options expire in June so maybe I can make some money. The gambler in me wants to sell the Tips and invest everything in those options. I won't do it though.
I'll post another picture of the hoarfrost from a month ago. I don't have any current pictures and those are pretty. Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of the lilies that the flower lady brought to the Co-op.
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