Friday, May 14, 2010

Going to Jason's class tomorrow

I'm taking a class on starting an Internet business, tomorrow and Sunday. I've taken his classes before, but this one will include sections on selling on E-bay. It might be new to me. So far I haven't come up with an idea of something to actually sell on the net. That seems to be the key to making money. Maybe I could write such a riveting blog about investing that people would pay to read it but I can't see that happening. I even lose money in stocks.
Talking about investing, I took my money out of Treasury Inflation Protected T-bills and I bought gold today. I used the GLD ETF.  It invests in the actual metal. So far I'm doing well. I made close to $100 today.
Monday, I start my new job at Northeast Iowa Community College.  I'll be a custodian as part of the work-study program.  It'll be good to have a little extra income.  I'll be saving up for newer car. I've really been strapped financially lately.
I gave a laptop computer to Brent, yesterday. It was working very well for such an old Gateway. I've been struggling to get another one going, but I failed today.
Nate told me to try Slackware for a Linux version that might work with old laptops. I'll have to download it at home since the Internet is too slow here at Java John's.
I paid off my last credit card yesterday. Being a deadbeat paid. I was going to pay them a $4000 settlement for a $9000 debt.  I lost the papers in the move and I didn't know their address. They sent me papers for a $1500 settlement on $10000 debt. I took them up on it and now I'm debt free. It felt good. Now I hope I can make money on my investments for a change.
It's sunny and I should get the camera out and get some pictures.
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