Saturday, September 25, 2010

Did well on the market yesterday

I made about $530 on my stocks yesterday. The market itself went up about 200 points. Last week I sold my gold mining stock and bought some options on a silver ETF. Everything went up yesterday, but my big movers were Freeport McMoran, Nvidia, and the silver options. They are on an ETF with a ticker of SLV.
I now have stock in Caterpiller, Cognex, Ford, Freeport McMoran, Lazard, 3M, Nvidia, A T&T, and Whole Foods.
Cramer said that now is the time to unload my losers. I'm disappointed with Whole Foods. They are expanding and making money at a time that their competitors are losing. I just wish that I saw more action with them. I feel that I can make more money with a semi-conductor company that Jim recommended on his show last night. He said that he expects the tech stocks to move in a big way. Nvidia is a tech stock as well as A T&T, so I'll end up being heavily weighted in metals and tech.
I can handle that because I think the Chinese will keep the metals moving for a few years. They might also buy the products that the tech stocks make. A T&T won't benefit from the Asian markets.
 I think the developing nations will pull us out of the recession. A government agency said that we are already out of it, now, anyway. I think stocks and metals will benefit from inflation, which is what a lot of people expect.
I dropped out of college last week. I was getting behind in my keyboarding class and I felt that I was spending too much time studying. The only work-study job I had any hope of getting involved cleaning bathrooms. Now I need to find a part-time job to bring in a little income. I would prefer something during the weekend so it doesn't interfere with my trading. Evenings would work as well.
I was disappointed with the rent assistance. I was approved for it but I would have had to spend 1/3 of my income before they would have kicked anything in. That came to $430/month. Since I only pay $410/month for my rent, it wouldn't have helped me.
 Now that I'm not going to college I might see about getting a cheaper apartment. I have to factor in the inexpensive heating bills that I save $150/month on the heating bill by being at my apartment. I end up coming to Decorah 3 or 4 times a day so I'm losing hundreds by driving back and forth. I could save that money by living in Decorah but the rents are more expensive, here. I'll go to some Realtors and apartment owners and find out what I can expect to pay in rent here.
 I spend most of my time hanging out at the Co-op and Java Johns. If I can walk here then I might be ahead financially. Another factor is the wear and tear on the car. It's on it's last legs anyway.
I took Windows off on my good desktop so I won't be able to upload any pictures. I might buy another camera or reload Windows. I don't know what I'll do about it. Shortly before I erased the hard drive something about Windows used up all of the hard drive space. I might have had a virus. I prefer Linux for it's invulnerability to viruses. I would really like to get this camera to work with Linux but I fear that it's impossible. If I keep making a lot of money on stocks, I'll get another camera.
I'll keep you posted on how my stocks do Monday. I expect the market to be down so it'll be a good time to buy some more stocks.
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