Saturday, September 18, 2010

Investments doing well

My investments have been doing well, lately, but aren't getting me rich.
I sold my Polypore when I saw that DuPont was getting into their business. There might not be room for both of them. I bought Ford stock. I also got out of AEM which is a gold mining company and bought the silver ETF's options for January at a strike price of $20. I felt that the gold run might be a little tired, and since silver is an industrial metal, it might go longer. It's a bit risky but I'm an old commodity trader.
I now have 9 stocks and some options on an ETF. They are:  Caterpillar, Cognex, Ford, Freeport-McMoran, Lazard, Nucor,Nvidia, At&T, and Whole Foods.
I'm trying to be diversified but most of the stocks move when the market moves up. The silver and Freeport-McMoran move with the price of metals like gold, silver and copper. Lately the market has been moving up so I'm doing well. I think we've turned the corner on the recession and the market will keep moving up. Another factor is that the developing nations are expanding and that will keep our markets moving up. At least that is my hope.
I've been following the teachings and guidance of Jim Cramer. He has a television show on cable named Mad Money. He advises doing your own homework and I'm grateful that I've been able to spot situations like Dupont getting into Polypores business. I also bailed out of 3M a week ago because they were buying other companies. I'm afraid that their stock prices might get diluted.
My brother-in-law died the other day and my sister is rather distraught. I've been keeping in touch with her by phone. She lives in California, a little North of San Diego.
I hope that she comes out for a visit when she gets a chance.
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