Saturday, February 12, 2011

Storage Wars

I've been watching a lot of television shows about auctioning off the contents of storage lockers. Now one has come up for auction at a town near me. The trouble is that they are doing a phone auction and I haven't been able to see the contents of the unit yet. They are starting the bidding at $300, so I want to see it before I bid on it. I called the owner of the storage units, yesterday. The guy wasn't there and he hasn't returned my call. I'm afraid that I'm just gambling. I would love to get a bunch of silver coins and collectible stamps.
The eagles are working on their nest at the fish hatchery so I'll make a link to it   It's fun to see both of the eagles working on their nest. I'm showing this feed to a bunch of people at Java John's
I've been talking with Gary T. He's going to Vail soon. He skis a lot. I asked him about starting an investment club, but he wasn't interested.
I think I'll need about $20,000 to invest enough to really be diversified. Maybe a club with 4 or 5 members who really have some money to invest is the answer.
I've got 7 options on the gold ETF GLD. I was hoping that the Egypt thing would drive gold through the roof. Apparently, that won't happen. I still think gold will do well before April. The Chinese are supposedly buying a lot of gold for their central bank.
I canceled my cable television, last week. My bill went from $43/month to $180/month. I was on a year long special deal. I'm now getting my internet from my neighbors. I pirate it with a USB wifi connector on my computer. I'm able to watch CNBC and listen to music all day. I just have to get used to not having the normal TV shows.
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