Sunday, December 18, 2011

The geese at Upper Iowa

I took a few pictures of the geese at the Upper Iowa River, just off of Dug Road. This is one.
I've been getting lazy. I intended to walk the length of Dug Road, which is about 1 1/2  miles long, but I ended up just walking a hundred yards or so.
Luther is closed for the Christmas holidays so I can't go swimming. I only went one time and it made me so tired that I could hardly get out of the pool, afterwards.
I talked with Loula last Friday night at the Co-op about my money making schemes. Specifically I told her about my idea of going West and looking for gold. I also mentioned the idea of buying things at auctions and selling them on E-bay. If I discount the silver-plated flatware debacle, I did rather well at that. There is no market for silver plate, no matter how pretty it is, but I did well with coins, stamps and guns. I'll have to keep track of all of my expenses, such as eating and gasoline, but it might be worth trying. I'll have to sell on E-bay, myself, since I wouldn't be able to afford paying 25% to the Game Exchange. I think the gold prospecting will have to wait until I get a better vehicle. It's worth a try.
Last week, when my sister Faye and I went to the Christmas at Luther choral presentation, later we ate at Rubaiyat's. Here is a picture of Faye, me, and Jim and Sherry Slitor. Faye wanted me to send her this picture. I wonder if she can download it from the blog.
I transferred my representative payee account to a local bank. I hope that it works out alright. I am a bit concerned about getting my allowance checks in a timely fashion. I'm hoping to use any surplus for investing either in buying at auctions or on E-trade. We'll see.
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